Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sleep Hygiene Tips

September 16, 2018

I found this tidbit to introduce this post:

"The key to sufficient sleep is understanding what your body needs and setting up a routine that provides it...I found that five-and-half to six hours of sleep at night it enough for me. I don't set an alarm. Without and alarm, my body naturally wakes up when it's ready."  Manny Meidina CEO Outreach


An introduction to sleep discorders is here at

"According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, about 40 million people in the United States suffer from chronic long-term disorders each year and an additional 20 million people experience occasional sleep problems"!

A February 2016 study released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis?!!

I was not aware of this statistic: older (50 years-of-age and older) Americans need as much sleep as young adults.

I was aware that older Americans sleep differently than young people

"Falling asleep and waking up are controlled by a number of chemical changes in the brain and the blood. Foods and medicines that alter the balance of these chemicals also can affect how well we sleep."

"For example, caffiene, which is found in coffee, tea,colas and chocolate can cause insomania (lack of sleep) and antidepressants, alchohol, and smoking can casuse a loss of REM (rapid eye movment) sleep. Smoking and alcohol also can result in a loss of deep sleep. Both REM and deep sleep are essential parts of the normal sleep cycle."

Sleep Hygience Tips

Elisha Lymas, Program Director for Jenny Craig defines Sleep Hygiene: It refers to the habits you need to have to get a good night's sleep.

She offers some tips for sleep hygiene that may help you get the downtime your body and mind have been craving.

In an article in 'Jenny Craig' on May 23 she lists "10 Sleep Hygience Tips to get more Z's Tonight."

I have taken liberty of listing a few of my downfalls:

> Cut out the caffaine before bed. Yes, look at the soda you are drinking too!

> Get in a routine. Do the same thing every day. Let your mind know that you are preparing to sleep.

> Set a schedule. Let your body's clock become accustomed to your routine. Keep it ticking at the same time every day.

> DON'T GET FRUSTRATED. If you've been laying in bed for 20 minutes get up and do something else for awhile, read, listen to music until the Sleep Farie comes again. 

>Balance Hydration. Don't drink too much so that you have to make a nightime trip but you don't want to wake up thirsty either.

>A Biggee. Be careful with naps. A nap late in the day, no matter how good it will feel will interfere with your sleep. 
You choose.

> Keep a Kool Tool! Set room temperature at 60 to 67 degrees. Get a sound machine that plays white noice (blocks out the sound outside your room). You can get sound machines from Amazon for $17 and up. 

Dark room, earplugs or soothing sounds, cool temperatures!


I mentioned that I suffered greatly from Restless Leg Syndrome. 

This affiction has been known since the 16th century was only studied since 1940.

It is now known as Willes-Ekbom Disease.

A similar condition known as Periodic Limb Disorder also affects the quantity and quality of sleep.

Understandly pregnancy exacerbates RLS as does some surgeries.

A more detailed medical review appears at the link I just provided.

ANXIETY can lead to sleeplessness

Anxiety about the events of the day or about getting to sleep will lead to more sleeplessness.

Tunes will help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Neuroscientists in the UK have detailed which tunes will give you the best solutions to calm your anxiety.

According to Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of The Mindlab International which conducted research to determine which song produced the greatest state of relaxation.

More than any other song, "Weightless" resulted in a 65% reduction in anxiety, AND 35% reduction in the test subjects USUAL physiological resting rates!

The video is also amazing.

Melanie Curtin introduced me to this song on her blog in
Ms. Curtin writes for millenials in "The Mindful Millenial" at

She also has 13 jobs listed on her LinkedIn profile!

She lists in her "Elephant Journal" that she helps men win women (

Here is a link to the 10 loop of 'Weightless' by Macroni Union. Since it is on YouTube you can also watch the video.

Melanie made a public playlist on the "Most Relaxing Songs Ever".

A quick Google Search for Sleep and Anxiety    

yields millions of results on Sleep Disorders, Anxiety and Sleep.

In 'The Atlantic' February 2015 edition, Gilliam B. White reported that health problems associated wiith job-anxiety account for more death each year than Alzheimer's or diabetes!

"Lack of health insurance' is listed as another stressor that is a grim comentary on our society.

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